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Teams Migration


A solution to fully migrate Microsoft Teams cloud-based collaboration software & Office 365 Groups.

Secure, fast and effective tool for all your migration needs, Cloudiway’s Teams migration solution helps businesses perform technical migrations through a simple SaaS interface. As a result, Teams migrations require no additional software installation or overhead, and migrations can be performed securely and quickly. Without regard to the number of Teams the user is part of.

  • Teams
  • Channels
  • Entire SharePoint Sites and Structure
  • Conversations
  • Owners, Members and External Users
  • Permissions
  • Files
  • Emails
  • Tabs
  • Planner, OneNote
  • Teams Settings 
  • Discovery (GetList)
  • Audit
  • PreProcessing (Automatic Creation of Teams)
  • Renaming and Reorganization
  • Batch Migration
  • Delta Passes