Cloudneeti Continuous Cloud Assurance - Retail


Improve cloud security visibility and enforce standards at the speed and scale of digital business.

Cloudneeti is a Gartner recognized, Center for Internet Security (CIS) certified, cloud security and compliance assurance product that accelerates cloud adoption by proactively identifying and eliminating cloud risks.

Retail organizations adopting public cloud technologies, handling personally identifiable information (PII), payment card information and customer’s personalization data, will now be able to prevent >80% security breaches and enforce compliance with security frameworks, applicable regulations and data protection laws using Cloudneeti’s Continuous Cloud Assurance platform.
Cloudneeti offers multiple plans each with capabilities to assure proactive governance of your public cloud adoption.
  • Multi-cloud assurance for customer workloads in Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Amazon Web Services.
  • Multi-workload assurance for a diversity of Azure and AWS workloads, including IaaS VMs, PaaS, Serverless, Containers, Storage and Databases, Data analytics, and SaaS configurations for Office 365 (Skype, Teams, Exchange Online, Users, Domains, Apps etc) and continuously adding more every month.
  • Multi-standards assurance for various laws, regulations and industry standards like CIS, PCI DSS 3.2, UK NCSC, NIST 800-53r4, NIST CSF, CSA CCM and more.
  • Closed-loop assurance with auto-remediation, preventative policies, Ticketing integration, collaborations with team members, policy exceptions and more.

  Quota restrictions: Refer offering datasheet link below for product capabilities and quota restrictions.

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