Cloud Automation Platform

by Cloudserve Systems Pvt Ltd

AI based cloud automation platform

Cloud Automation Platform is an innovative product designed and developed by
Cloudserve Systems. Cloud automation platform (CAP), is an AI based automation
platform. Using CAP can be revolutionizing for the way businesses approach cloud
configuration and compliance. Our AI based automation platform brings you
continuous compliance visibility, robust reporting, and a secure, opt-in approach to
cloud configuration automation.
With CAP, you can confidently manage your cloud infrastructure, ensuring
adherence to regulatory requirements while streamlining operations.
CAP is designed to work on AWS and Azure cloud infrastructure.
Key Features:
Auto remediation of vulnerabilities found
Self-healing configuration
Non-destructive automated remedial in case of anomalies
Brings together benefits of cloud-native security services
Helps maintain continuous compliance with security standards like ISO 27001,
Reduces the need for skilled manpower
Provides visibility into the security posture of cloud infrastructure
Flexi Plans: CAP is offering various plans which can easily fit in any SME to Large
scale enterprise organization’s budget. Cloudzap offers through pay as you go, long
term commitment and custom plans.
Future Updates: Our specialized R&D team continuously focuses on product
enhancement. We are committed to provide all new features to your subscription
without any additional cost (except products that require additional licenses).
Roadmap: Our future releases will cover new areas and support for more and more
AWS/Azure services and possible auto-remediation of their vulnerabilities . With an
aim that a single tool can provide automation and auto-remediation for your
resources spread across multiple cloud platforms to leverage the advantage of best
offerings available across multiple cloud platforms, R & D team is working on

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