Hybrid/Cloud Integration by Invictus


Invictus is a turnkey solution that accelerates your Azure and hybrid integration projects

Integration projects are often difficult and are a huge drain on resources to develop and maintain. That’s why businesses choose a turnkey solution like Invictus™ to help them with their cloud and hybrid integration projects.

Developed by Microsoft experts, Invictus™ is based on best practices garnered from more than 2 decades of integration expertise. You and your team no longer have to waste time on the conception, planning, and execution of difficult integration projects. Instead, you can easily use Invictus™ to quickly develop a reliable, high-quality integration solution.

Transparency is important for any integration solution which is why Invictus™ comes with a dashboard. This web-based portal allows you to monitor and manage your integration flows. This dashboard ensures that your integration solution works continually at an optimal level.

You no longer have to wait endlessly for your integration solution to be implemented. Because Invictus™ is an off-the-shelf solution it is quick and easy to set up. Your development team no longer need to waste time building specific exception handling and notifications for every process.  

You can easily keep up to date with real–time alerts and audit trails via the Invictus™ dashboard. Reporting is a breeze with the dashboard giving the right people, the right insights, at the right time.  

Our straightforward payment plans ensure you stay in control of your budget. Invictus™ for Azure is paid via an ongoing subscription. With this transparent payment system, there are no surprises with your bill.

Built by Microsoft Integration experts with more than 20 years of integration experience, Invictus™ helps you avoid costly pitfalls and ensures that you’re never over-reliant upon one individual team member.

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