DocFlow Creatio

by Confero Technologies, SIA

With DocFlow Creatio manage production, registration, approval, execution and archiving of documents

Developed on Creatio platform, DocFlow Creatio application enables automatic workflow and offers management of production, registration, approval, execution and archiving of company’s documents. 

Broad functionality of the application and its close interaction with the CRM and digital processes make it a unique addition to separate processes or software for a certain function (for example, recordkeeping or contract library management), as well as an independent ecosystem of full control of the document circulation and lifecycle. Flexible licensing policy makes it a perfect document automation tool for both small companies and big corporations processing thousands of documents every day.

Key features:
  • Document digitalization
Register digital documents based on incoming emails. Convert incoming and created paper documents into the digital format using batch scanning and automated attaching of the scanned image to the document’s card. Store on paper only the necessary original copies of the documents.
  • Document management
Register incoming and outgoing mail with an automated notification to the interested parties. Verify and use digital signature. Carry out digital voting and approval of documents. Manage versions of the documents you created. Use flexible system of granting access rights to documents. Enjoy the mechanism of control of use of the documents (reading, copying, printing). 
  • Library management
Create libraries of uniform digital documents for more comfortable management (e.g., library of contracts, etc.). Within the scope of access rights granted to them let users create their own virtual libraries of selected documents without duplicating them. 
  • Register of document cases
Form groups of digital documents united by one topic or business process (document case). Create relations with other objects of the system (person, partner, client, employee, unit etc.), and relations with the register of paper cases in archive. 
  • Management of archive of paper documents
Register archive documents and dossiers. Use relations to digital documents and digital dossier, register of issuing and accepting paper documents. Exercise control of documents “en route”. Manage the storage lifecycle of paper documents, receive digital tasks and list of archive cases to be taken out and destroyed, as well as the related paper documents according to the set regulations of storage. Gain full control over compliance to GDPR requirements.

Both English and Russian software interfaces are available.

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