RiskMaster Creatio

by Confero Technologies, SIA

Universal register of risks, online processes of incident investigations and risk cases

RiskMaster Creatio software solution makes risk registration and management processes easy, transparent and manageable.

Use cases:

RiskMaster Creatio is designed to be used as a single general register of risks for a company in any industry and of any size. It can be used both for management of a particular risk type (e.g. customer complaints) or management of an entire group of risks (like operational risks). Being closely linked to other Creatio objects (processes, persons, documents), it ensures maximum automation of incident and risk processing, provides any risk case investigation with full range of the necessary information, ensures control of execution of decisions aimed at risk mitigation.

The application can also be used to make operations of the internal audit service automatic, to register deficiencies detected in the course of internal or external audit, and to control elimination of the detected deficiencies. The universal functionality makes it a convenient tool for risk management service or company’s internal audit department.

Key features:

  • Incident registration
  • Relations between incidents and risks
  • Online risk incident investigation case
  • Registration and classification of risk
  • Risk case processing
  • Register of incidents and risks
  • Recordkeeping of complaints and claims
  • Planning preventive measures
  • Audit
Both English and Russian software interfaces are available.

At a glance