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Consolidate contact data across your organization to get powerful relationship intelligence

Consolidate your organization's business cards and get actionable information. Rapidly build an accurate contact database which is accessed by your team, enrich Dynamics 365 CRM, manage relationships with customers and answer the question of 'Who Knows Who?' with more relevancy than other social platforms.

Data from your company, channel partners and regional offices can be consolidated, whether it is from physical documents, business cards or a third-party card scanner. Accurate, shared database of thousands of contacts can be created within days.

Following are the common use cases of Contactous:

** Business Cards Management **
Application captures or import images. We manually transcribe the text from them for accuracy. Unlimited users, channel partners and offices can be configured in same instance. The records can be searched and tagged. Notes can be taken and attached.

** Relationship Intelligence **
Map the relationship between your organization and customers. Answer 'Who Knows Who?' precisely. Document your understanding of customers using organizational charts, co-create them with the team and share.

** Events and Tradeshows **
Stream contact data from corporate events and tradeshows to your mobile app and into campaign systems and CRMs. Capture data from custom design forms, web forms, business cards or handwritten notes with accuracy.

** Pre-CRM Database **
Consolidate data from multiple sources. Create unlimited fields, data clusters and dynamics lists. Identify and merge duplicate records. Connect with commercial CRMs and transfer data with ease.

This trial from AppSource opens up the Contactous' web-based app that is populated with realistic test data. The web app is used by marketing, sales and power users to manage, analyse and segment the data. Complementary to this web app is a mobile application that connects to Dynamics 365 through user’s credentials. For a quick evaluation of Contactous through AppSource, please follow these instructions or contact us.

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