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Contactous for Dynamics 365


Get accurate data from business cards, channel partners & events into CRM without manual data entry

90% of an organization's data does not reach its CRM on time! The data of tradeshow attendees, business cards, warranty cards etc is rarely captured in time. Contactous adds contact data to Dynamics 365 in time and with high  accuracy. With a feature-rich platform to capture images of physical documents, it is complemented with a service to manually enter accurate data from these documents into a system for analysis and then transfer to Dynamics 365 CRM.

The value of Contactous to your organization is -

  1. Get contact information from all sales and customer/reseller facing reps into CRM
  2. Get information of contacts from channel partners into your CRM, securely
  3. Get accurate contact data for every marketing event, tradeshow or roadshow timely and with certainty
  4. Capture contact data from business cards, warranty cards or other manual documents into CRM
  5. Data will be accurate. No time or resources required by your organization
  6. Data can be queried, classified and tagged in powerful ways for marketing campaigns
  7. Data can be accessed through mobile devices to unlimited users
  8. Information will highlight relationships and answer 'Who Knows Who' within the company
  9. With deployment within an hour, benefits from the system are seen within a week.

This trial from AppSource opens up the Contactous' web-based app that is populated with realistic test data. The web app is used by marketing, sales and power users to manage, analyse and segment the data. Complementary to this web app is a mobile application that connects to Dynamics 365 through user’s credentials. For a quick evaluation of Contactous through AppSource, please follow these instructions

The key features of the system are -

  • Unlimited users within organization
  • Manual transcription by Contactous of key fields of every business card record
  • CRM gets business card data, notes, tags, and image of business cards
  • Powerful, full featured Business Contact Manager application
  • Full customization of data fields as per organization's needs
  • Create unlimited dynamic data sets
  • Cluster records into static lists
  • Create personal or shareable reports within organization
  • Segment and link records by companies and persons
  • Share notes and tags for every contact
  • Categorize users based on access privileges
  • Flexibly import and export data based on access rights
  • Identify and Merge duplicates within the system
  • Secure communication using SSL to encrypted database
  • Independent environment for every customer for security

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