Code Efficiency Assessment

by Crowdbotics Corporation

Uncover existing inefficiencies, provide recommendations on CodeOps implementation, and forecast ROI

If you utilize a project management tool such as Azure DevOps, Jira, or, Crowdbotics' innovative approach leverages the capabilities of Azure OpenAI to analyze your stories, tickets, features, and bugs against our comprehensive test bed to identify these areas of opportunities while maintaining the enterprise level security you've come to know and trust.

Why Crowdbotics is the right organization to conduct this assessment:

  • Proven CodeOps framework resulting in up to 68% code reuse
  • 30,000 applications and counting
  • Deep understanding of Azure data and infrastructure
  • Partnerships with leading Microsoft service providers

What you can expect:

  • A 2-week assessment period followed by a 2-4 hour interactive workshop
  • Swift identification of immediate cost-saving opportunities for both ongoing and planned projects facilitated through Azure OpenAI's advanced analytics.
  • The assessment quantifies feature parity, strategically guiding the phased development of solution accelerators and a well-defined development roadmap. Azure OpenAI's analytical capabilities contribute to the precision of these recommendations.
  • Security and compliance aspects are thoroughly scrutinized, with any anomalies and exceptions brought to the forefront, thanks to the intelligent processing enabled by Azure OpenAI.
  • Vendor product use cases are consolidated, highlighting opportunities for optimization and rationalization, supported by insights from Azure OpenAI's data analysis.

What you get:

  • Quantified savings and development opportunities
  • Prioritized recommendations for accelerators, templates and governance to improve your operational efficiency
  • Performance benchmarks against your current state
  • Data-driven insights specific to your organization
  • Interactive workshop with subject matter experts

At a glance