Phisherman Alert!

by CSIntelligence Pte Ltd

Test your employees' susceptibility to BEC and phishing emails.

Phisherman Alert!

The first step to protecting your organization is to educate your employees.

What is Phisherman Alert!

Phisherman Alert! is a subscription based software product that addresses the needs of businesses of all sizes who are at risk of being targeted for Business Email Compromise (BEC).
This offer provides built in phishing templates you may use to trick your employees into clicking a hyperlink and giving away their information.
This product is completely safe to use because no confidential information ever leaves the client browser.
An online and offline report is provided for each campaign for your reference.
We also provide on-site post-phishing training. (This is depending upon location.)


  • Employees have the opportunity to have their susceptibility to BEC tested before a cybercriminal actually attacks.
  • Review reports and conduct training based upon results of the campaign.
  • Use our pre-built phishing campaign templates. Our templates customize to your recipients automatically.

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