CADD - Cloud Accelerated Development & Delivery

by cVation

CADD is an open DevOps enabled development platform, accelerating value creation and time-to-market

Is your organization struggling to get started with Azure and transition to DevOps?
We can get you there faster!

CADD delivers the framework, tools, methodology and architecture ‘building blocks’ to attain CI/CD within days. Adopt a test-driven-development mindset and test automation at all stages.

The platform improves software quality, business agility, streamlines development & enhances the deployment and monitoring functions.

CADD is an open turn-key DevOps development framework built on top of Microsoft Azure. It consists of:

  • CADD Application Framework
  • CADD Microservice Architecture
  • CADD DevOps Methodology & Mindset
  • CADD Infrastructure & Continuous Deployment Tools

Reduce Time-To-Market with DevOps & Continuous Deployment

  • The CADD platform will act’s as a catalyst to adopt a DevOps mindset in your development organization
  • Proven frameworks, architecture, methodology, infrastructure & continuous deployment tools will kickstart any Azure application development
  • Reusable ‘building blocks’ will drastically speed up development

Make the most of Azure & Azure DevOps

  • CADD brings the power and flexibility of Azure DevOps to your development organization
  • Leverage years of expertise building on top of the Azure cloud!

Turnaround your IT organization to work “The DevOps way”
Bring New Digital Concepts to market with lightning speed
Realize unprecedented software quality


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