CyberTwice ATTEST for Teams

by CyberTwice B.V.

Compliance collaboration recording solution for Microsoft Teams

CyberTwice ATTEST for Teams is a 4th generation Collaboration Compliance Recording solution, in-house designed and developed from the ground up having in mind the principle of multi-tenancy and 100% based on Azure without any 3rd party component.   
ATTEST for Teams supports recording of Voice, Chat, Video and Meetings (including shared presentations, documents) and is an open, easy adoptable, affordable and more advanced alternative for premise or other cloud based (compliance) recording solutions.

ATTEST for Teams is easy to deploy and will be installed in the end-user (customer) Azure Cloud. Recorded meetings will be stored in its own customer-managed Azure Blob storage which is an integral part of ATTEST for Teams to either temporarily buffer (e.g. 2-3 days) or store for a longer period of time (months, years). Blob storage is optimized for storing massive amounts of unstructured data.

ATTEST for Teams adopted Microsoft security standards such as encryption, secure transport and Azure Key Vault and is integrated with Azure Cognitive Services for wide-ranging Analytics tasks and through API with a variety of surveillance and business intelligence solutions   

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