CyberGate SIP intercom connect to Teams

by CyberTwice B.V.

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Connect your SIP Video Door Intercom and IP Paging System to Microsoft Teams


Is your organization migrating from a traditional SIP based phone system to Microsoft Teams and you want to connect your existing SIP Video Door Intercom or IP Paging System to Teams ?

CyberGate SaaS hosted in Azure makes this migration painless and it is the only solution that provides two-way audio and live video to the receiving user. Teams users answer incoming calls from the video door station on their Teams desktop client, Teams compatible desk phone and Teams Smartphone app and open the door for visitors.

Network-compatible IP Paging Systems (IP Speaker, IP Amplifier, IP Paging Adapter, IP Visual Alerter) make it easy to address and inform people in buildings and open spaces by means of PA announcements or pre-recorded audio messages. When integrated with CyberTwice, this is now possible even via Microsoft teams.


    • CyberGate is published on Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace for online purchase & activation and works for Teams users with a M365 Business, M365 Enterprise or O365 license.
    • With CyberGate there is no need for: an SBC, Direct Routing, Phone System, Operator Connect or additional Teams licenses.
    • Two-way audio and live video from your (existing) SIP video intercom to the Teams user’s desktop client, Teams compatible desk phone and Teams Smartphone app.
    • Remotely open a door or gate using the Teams Dialpad.
    • Call individual Teams users or configure group names to call multiple users simultaneously.
    • Optional Call Recording feature providing audio and video recording.

    • Connect your IP Pager, IP Visual Alerter or IP Amplifier to Teams for PA announcements or pre-recorded audio messages.


CyberGate subscription fees are device based, in a monthly- or annual plan, independent of the number of Teams users.

  • Video Door Intercom: 1 (one) subscription per intercom device.
  • IP Pager / Speaker: 1 (one) subscription per IP Paging System connected to CyberGate

Check the CyberGate compatibility sheet, or contact us for any questions.

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