DataDear can help you speed up data entry whilst enhancing your business reporting and insights.

Looking for a better way to handle and automate your data, both to and from your accounting software? Look no further. DataDear can help you speed up data entry and increase data visibility, whilst also enhancing your business reporting and insights. With DataDear your company's data from multiple sources is linked to your Excel and Power BI, empowering finance teams and accounting practices in the process. 

What if you could update your company or group of companies Chart of Accounts directly from Excel, within seconds? DataDear allows you to do this, and so much more. 

  • Optimise your system setup by easily creating, editing, or archiving in bulk, for all your clients. 

  • Automate transactional data imports including journals, invoices, bills and more, by posting directly from your Excel. 

  • Incomplete or inaccurate data extraction? Edit or recode 100s of lines with a click. 

With DataDear, you can give your business the insights it needs by creating meaningful reports with stunning visuals and live data feeds from your accounting software. Not feeling inspired? Start with one of our templates and make it your own, ready to rework and reuse across different clients or periods. And what's more? You can share your drillable reports in just a few clicks, creating interactive dashboards that exploit the potential of your financial data by connecting it to the most powerful business tools, with all of Excel’s power and functionality at your fingertips.

Your data automation partner - connect Xero,  QuickBooks Online, Practice Manager (WorkFlowMax) and HMRC  to your Excel for efficient reporting and bulk upload + edit of data from within Excel. Designed for finance teams and accountants to build reports with live client data and to bulk upload and edit transactions back to the accounting platform directly from Excel.

Data Copy - Take a copy of your data (backup) for peace of mind or before you cancel a subscription. Download an offline backup / copy of your full audit trail including attachments to your source documents and reference data.

DataDear is a great tool to help prepare and generating consolidated reports for groups. With direct access to consolidated profit and loss, balance sheet, trial balance and even access to group wide aged payables and receivables. It also handles the currency conversions for you.

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