by DataGalaxy

DataGalaxy is a lightweight SaaS data catalog and knowledge platform specialising in user experience

DataGalaxy is a lightweight yet powerful SaaS data catalog and knowledge platform specialising in a remarkable user experience and business team engagement.

DataGalaxy is perfect for those looking for: a business glossary, active metadata management, data dictionary, data analytics, search and discovery, data lineage, data exploration, data traceability, data governance, data quality, and trustability.

DataGalaxy unites your business and IT teams like never before. It's the hub where your DataOps, Data Product, and Business teams can effortlessly scan, manage and share their common data knowledge and build a truly data-driven organisation.

Scan the data knowledge

Data Ops teams can select from over 70 connectors — and more every week — for modern and legacy data stack tools to ensure real-time cataloging and data observability. For deeper and custom integrations, DataGalaxy's knowledge graph is fully open with an extensively documented API and a rich Python SDK.

Manage and design the data knowledge

Data Product teams need automation, productivity, and customisation. Our AI data steward Metabot performs tedious or repetitive tasks so your data team can focus on high-value tasks like animating teamwork and collaboration, curating data sets, or designing the future of your data stack.

DataGalaxy's meta-model and assets layouts are customisable and extendable.

Share the data knowledge

Business teams need lightning-speed access to insightful, trustable, and understandable information. DataGalaxy makes your data knowledge easy to discover, search, and share. Users can visually explore the data factory down to the column level with interactive lineages and diagrams. Integrations with Teams, Slack, Jira, Chrome, and Edge ensure your data knowledge is perfectly synchronised with your team's daily tools.

Born in France in 2015, DataGalaxy is growing rapidly and operates worldwide. It deploys via Kubernetes on any public, sovereign or private cloud hosting. On premise is also possible for sensitive sectors.

DataGalaxy is user-centric. As a client, you will be part of an active community of hundreds of clients and thousands of users who contribute to making DataGalaxy a better product giving their feedback and participating in product design workshops.

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