Datanomix Fusion Manufacturing Analytics

by Datanomix, Inc

The Simplest Way for Discrete Manufacturers to Improve Production Efficiency

Datanomix Fusion enables real-time tuning of production processes by automatically combining machine tool and sensor data streams to provide a Fusion Factor score of current production as it compares to the best runs of that machine and part.

Improve Current Production more than 25%

Fusion improves today's production 25%+ for job shops and long run parts alike by following a simple formula:

  • Establish intelligent benchmarks and golden runs
  • Keep score of how production is going
  • Know when you're on or off track, and most importantly, why

Built for the Modern Machine Shop

Fusion is accessible from any device, anywhere, with critical insight always just a few clicks away. Fusion offers turnkey dashboards that have an immediate impact on everyday tasks - from running the morning production meeting, to offering supervisors insight into hot spots that need attention, to reconciling quotes vs. actual job performance and complexity.

Easy to Get Started

Fusion is easy to get going - we do not require operator input, teams of electricians, or complex ERP integrations. Most CNCs already have MTConnect which is all Fusion needs to paint a picture of how production is going after watching your machines produce just a few parts.

At a glance