Decisyon Digital WCM

by Decisyon

Gain holistic view and digitalization of WCM in single plants and across manufacturing operation

Decisyon Digital Factory’s Digital World Class Manufacturing (WCM) solution allows the bi-directional exchange between line KPIs, operational exchange of information about your line productivity and effectiveness, plan and schedule attainment status and more.
Decisyon Digital WCM is the digital representation of the plant processes and standards. It combines the functionality of a cloud-based MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solution with an interactive, touch screen dashboard available in the production lines. Decisyon’s Digital WCM solution provides a single point of access to control the entire plant’s ecosystem.

From the Digital WCM application, you can monitor near real-time production data, volumes, OEE and OLE, quality, waste, unclassified downtimes, product weights, and many more KPIs and you can readily customize OEE and OLE formulas without coding.In 4 weeks this solution can be tailor made on your needs empowering: 

  •  more effective and productive meetings, using real-time data;
  • capturing down times and losses;
  • ad hoc reports to check back field sensors’ reliability; 
  •  embedded in-context collaboration to accelerate decision making;
  • self-service analytics for ad hoc reports without coding;
  • creating actionable plant recommendations for continuous improvement; and a data repository of decisions’ best practices for quality and safety.

These enhanced capabilities have generated an estimated 3 Million Euros per plant annually leveraging the following operational drivers: + 1% Increase OLE per line, driving $100k saving per line per month, - 5% Raw material waste, - 10% Raw material give away, - 5% Maintenance effort, 10% Only custom coding for data model and front-end creation.

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