Decisyon App Composer for Digital Factory

by Decisyon

Rapidly build end-to-end, industrial scale IIoT manufacturing apps visually, for any vertical

Decisyon App Composer™ (DAC) is a no code, visual “drag and drop” development environment for rapidly building Industrial IoT applications. DAC enables you to quickly and visually design, modify, and deploy scalable industrial grade IIoT solutions for Microsoft Azure - without having to integrate multiple, disparate  applications or learn to code. 

DAC overcomes limitations of other software solutions and monolithic manufacturing systems, by providing you with all of the features and functions in a single, unified development environment that leverages Microsoft Azure’s PaaS capabilities in conjunction with all Decisyon-native services.

Using DAC, business users,  as well as developers and solution providers, can create apps literally in days, not weeks or months. All stakeholders, from the factory floor to the control tower to company management, across plants and geographies, can collaborate, decide and act, in a unified environment, in real time. DAC’s fast IIoT prototyping technology  accelerates transformation to digital manufacturing: 

  • 50% MVP ACCELERATION | DAC drastically accelerates MVP creation and Solutions
  • 10% ONLY CUSTOM CODING | Reducing cost for Maintenance | Upgrade & Roll-out

Here’s what’s included with Decisyon App Composer:

  • Decisyon Smart Gateway – DSG ingests and orchestrates real-time streaming IIoT data from all the connected devices and sensors to create a dynamic digital representation of the entire plant operations;
  • Data and service orchestration services – aggregate and orchestrate relevant data and web services;
  • Business rules management – unify and automate your business rules (routine and exceptional decisions); 
  • In-context collaboration – communicate with your key stakeholders in a unique, social and collaborative environment to build, deploy, manage, and modify Industrial IoT apps and solutions quickly - no code required;
  • Connections to business ecosystem – enable information collection and action directly in your existing systems;
  • Push and Pull API GUI – powerful integration with native REST support and advanced mapping of XML,  JSON messages and third-party SDKs;
  • Manufacturing Widget Hub – a specialized catalog of manufacturing widgets (3D CAD, Heinrich  Pyramid, safety cross, etc.).

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