Decisyon Visual MES

by Decisyon

Collect, aggregate and share information in real time from the shop floor while there is time to act

Decisyon Digital Factory’s Visual MES solution supports and drives production processes, providing access to all relevant information and the functionality to track activities, analyze and collaborate in context of specific issues, then take action in real time.  With Decisyon’s Visual MES, you’ll dramatically improve real-time information, reducing down time, proactively preventing maintenance or quality issues and eliminating costly production delays. The Visual MES allows you to integrate information coming from disparate sources (users, sensors, machines and existing systems, like ERP), into a unique interface. The solution has the capability to collect, aggregate and share information in real time from the shop floor while there is still time to act. You’ll experience rapid decision making at both the local (production line) or global (management) level, as you share information across all stages of operations.


  • Real-time tracking of PO assignment
  • Reduced time for shift handover meeting
  • Reliable info on change over, cleaning, setup, production and closure phase
  • Automatic detection of line downtime and speed losses
  • Unique portal for operator activities
  • Unique portal for supervisor support
  • Immediate communication with maintenance and quality assurance in case of line stops
  • Short training period due to the visual UI
  • Easy detection of issues’ root causes 


  • Improved operational communications
  • 360-degree view of the entire operation (better decisions, improved processes, risk mitigation)
  • Reduce costs through automated data collection
  • Proactive intervention when issues would arise.

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