PepPill® Store

by Deevita Technologies India Private Ltd

PepPill Store is an Azure solution to pharmacy management, business with customers, and much more.

PepPill Store is the new Azure-based Software Platform for Pharmacies in India to help them grow their business by simplifying Pharmacy Management in compliance with Drug & Cosmetics Act and interact with their customers using digital platform. It is a complete Pharmacy Management system built for Pharmacies to run your entire store operations. It automates manual tasks such as Inventory management, Schedule registers maintenance, and Compliance (GST).
PepPill Store empowers pharmacies with the digital platform to improve operational efficiency, expand visibility, grow their business, and increase customer engagement. Consumers can order medicines from nearby pharmacies. The platform helps pharmacists to manage their pharmacies better and connect with customers using digital technologies.


Pharmacists can take advantage of great features such as Chain Store Support, Built-In Drug Database, Regulatory Compliance including GST Reporting and GST Filing. PepPill Store is a subscription-based product for pharmacies, where all the features are offered at a low cost on pay per use model, without any considerable initial investments. Besides the multiple payment options and digitized prescriptions for quick reordering, PepPill sends notifications to consumers when it’s time to reorder medicines and stay healthy.
  • Pharmacy Types Supported
The platform offers the option to connect multiple retail pharmacies from a single account and monitor the store business and operations anywhere, anytime. The product supports all kinds of pharmacies (Allopathy, Ayurvedic, Homeopathy, Veterinary). 
  • Built-in Drug Database
The built-in drug database is an exclusive feature for pharmacists to stay updated and increase their knowledge on the details of different drugs. With over 38,000+ drugs completely verified and managed by PepPill® pharmacists, the pharmacists and their customers can get a detailed overview of drug details including but not limited to Formulation, Strength, Side Effects, Pack Size and Substitutes. The drug database also accelerates the store setup and paves way for accurate inventory updates.
  • Pharmacy Regulatory Compliance
PepPill Store enables pharmacists to generate regulatory schedule reports in 1-Click, right on the first day. The software is user-friendly to easily stay compliant to pharmacy regulations. Pharmacy owners can use the simplified GST reports, so they can file the GST returns by themselves, or they can use PepPill’s full-service GST filing at a nominal fee.

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