- SharePoint intranet portal ready-to-go

by Dev4Side S.r.l.

Your intranet in-a-box for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online.

With 10% of the time and 10% of the budget, here's your new intranet!

An all-in-one solution for SharePoint Online. It works with your company's Microsoft 365 subscription and provides an immediate intranet to suit users' needs with a cost and time-effective solution for any industry. creates value for all employees and enhance efficiency and daily productivity in the workplace. provides an up-to-date fully-featured intranet solution that provides all the tools you need to work efficiently in a collaborative modern workplace, with flexible and reliable functionalities:

  • Fast and easy daily searches
  • Easy access to colleagues' information
  • Quickly search for colleagues and staff contacts
  • Create, edit and publish news for internal communication
  • Use Microsoft Teams to improve business communication
  • Intranet solutions to improve businesses' results solutions are the brainchild of years of experience designing solutions for a worldwide corporate intranet, resulting in leading-edge products that exponentially improve work quality and efficiency.

  • Fast deployment
    A ready-to-go intranet, with quick, and easy settings, no technical skills required. Integrated into your Microsoft accounts, it seamlessly connects your business.
  • Integrated with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online integrates with your existing Office 365 subscription to help you make the most out of it: Your employees can have a single entry point with everything they need.
  • Keep your intranet costs down
    With's products, you don't need to purchase anything else: Solutions are already incorporated to carry out common tasks with no additional development costs.
  • Full support offers all the help you need for setup, initiation, and ongoing intranet use. We are dedicated to supporting you in the management of a thriving, sustainable intranet

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