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Deventral is an AI-assisted internal tool builder for business users to make better decisions faster

We're Deventral. Your development central.

We believe all businesses need to be able to build their internal tools, because they know what they need better than anyone else. We're here to make that easier with the help of generative AI.

Businesses run on internal tools but software development is really complex and it requires deep IT knowledge and skilled workforce. That's why most businesses are stuck between spreadsheets with low security and poor scalability and out-of-the-box software with inflexibility and high cost.

With Deventral, business users can build their own internal tools using generative AI without any development skill by defining what to do in simple instructions.

We provide a platform where business users who generally do not have technical knowledge to build software can build purposeful internal tools, which are called micro tools on the platform. With the help of these micro tools, business users are able to improve their organisation's operational efficiency.

🤖The way of building micro tools depend on an AI model which means AI generates the codes required to build these tools. In this way, business users do not have to write any code or configure any technical infrastructure. Having a cloud-based infrastructure also provides high-level security and scalability for this environment.

⚙ Micro tools build a bridge between data sources and work management systems for business users. In this way, they provide a new way to make better decisions faster, and thus better results in a more efficient way. They connect to data sources with connectors and extend to work management systems with plugins. Therefore, business users can fetch their data quickly and turn it into a tool to make decisions faster and take actions through their work management systems via plugins.

💻 Another important characteristic of Deventral is providing all its functionality through an application specifically developed for the most used communication and collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams. The application also supports Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Outlook. In this way, users can use Deventral without going to any other software, just in their favourite collaboration tool in an embedded way.

If you’d like to learn more, please schedule a demo or get in touch with us. It is time to build your internal tools your way!

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