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Dexecure - Faster website automatically

Dexecure uses proprietary, world-class technologies to automatically make high-traffic websites faster, with just a single line of code. Dexecure optimize content (HTML, images, CSS, JS and font) of the website based on the browser, device and location. Leading to increased page views and better user experiences.

  • Optimize JavaScript
  • Optimize CSS
  • Optimize HTML
  • Optimize Fonts
  • Optimize Third Party Assets

E-commerce: Dexecure can automatically optimize e-commerce websites. Dexecure has plugins for Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce etc.

Online Media: Dexecure can automatically optimize online media websites. Dexecure can increase traffic, user session times which will lead to increase in Ad revenue & Subscriptions.


Dexecure empowers both business and technical users by ensuring that they can focus on building features on there website instead of spending all the time and energy into continually optimizing your website. Dexecure can typically provide an automatic speed optimization of about 30-40%. A faster website results in more traffic and users to your website leading to increase in revenue.

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