Difenda AVM Advanced Vulnerability Management

by Difenda

Difenda AVM powered by Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Difenda's world-class SecOps-as-a-Service offering, Advanced Vulnerability Management continuously monitors, detects and helps provide guidance on remediation items and configuration issues in your network, all in one security solution. Leveraging your Microsoft security tools starting with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint TVM (Threat and Vulnerability Management), you can better understand and assess your cyber exposure. Difenda AMV enables you to discover vulnerabilities throughout your cloud and multi-cloud environments in real-time. Difenda AVM analyzes your vulnerabilities in the complete context of your security environment and then prioritizes those vulnerabilities based on the threat landscape, breach likelihood predictions and your business context. With Difenda AVM you will minimize the window of opportunity for attackers by quickly prioritizing the most important vulnerabilities in your organization.

This service can integrate with Difenda's MDR for IT or MDR for OT, or additional cyber security services to provide customers with unified security support across their environment. We are solely focused on Microsoft Security and provide customers with experience, resource tenure, and confidence to work with industry experts. This service is meant to support all organizations looking to extend their Microsoft investment and security posture and works alongside other Difenda Microsoft security offers in the marketplace.

Difenda's AVM powered by the Microsoft Security platform provides:

  • Continuous vulnerability assessment across all technologies and assets

  • Prioritized remediation activities

  • Streamlined risk deferment, acceptance, and tracking

  • Increased Visibility

  • An automated asset management framework

Difenda Shield (powered by ServiceNow) includes:

  • Real-Time Service

  • Dashboards

  • Case Management Tools

  • Orchestration and Automation Capabilities

  • 24.7.365 Cyber Command Centers (C3) - ISO27001, SOC II Type 2 and PCI Certified

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