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SalesMatik sales productivity suite

Salesmatik – the sales productivity booster for Dynamics 365
Go for the 13th sales month by eliminating sales time wasters
The most common challenge for sales teams is not having enough time to get stuff done, and to be with customers. All sorts of things get in the way: chase the right content, prepare meetings, write visit reports, update CRM. Sales teams need to master various tools and check multiple sources in order to get things done: time consuming, inefficient, and often a source of frustration.
Salesmatik - the sales productivity booster
One platform for all sales tasks and no more hassle, Salesmatik is the intuitive tool that sales love: making their work easier and enabling them to concentrate on their customers and bring in the deals. Open Salesmatik on any device, share content that sells, and automatically update all internal systems on the go.
Enabling Sales and Marketing
Pushing the right information, creating engaging and interactive sales tools, gathering structured and actionable market intelligence and implementing company-wide sales strategies: sales management has just become easier and more effective. Content and tools can be tailor made to suit every buyer conversation, and captured usage data and user feedback allow for continuous improvement in sales enablement. Marketing and Sales have full control over content, adoption and usage, enabling sales teams to concentrate on what really shifts the needle and brings in the revenue.
One solution, easy integration, fast adoption
Salesmatik is a cloud-based sales enablement and productivity platform that works seamlessly with Office 365 and Dynamics. The intuitive interface and easy operation on mobile devices effectively “mobilize” the CRM and allow for fast adoption across the organization without need for training. 
Making sales efforts more productive doesn’t need to be difficult – or expensive. Just try Salesmatik!

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