by Doctomatic

Doctomatic is a device & condition agnostic SaaS remote patient management platform

Current standard of care of remote patient monitoring solutions require painful integrations with medical devices that make the service tough to handle and inoperable at some points.

Doctomatic offers a device & condition agnostic AI-powered SaaS platform.

By just downloading an app, patients can scan the results from any domestic medical device and automatically provide the data to their doctors.

It's a simple to use technology which accelerates access to critical health information guaranteeing optimisation & cost efficacy of patient treatment.

Doctor subscribes patient to Doctomatic, patient purchases the required device or uses the one they currently own (HP, glucometre, scales, pulse oximeter, thermometre).

Patient inputs data via an app on a regular basis, Doctor allocates parameters, the doctor gets alerted in the instances where there is no data input and where there is any data out of the pre established parameters for that given patient.

Doctomatic sends the Doctor a report that can be shared with the patient.

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