EAB 121 System

by eabsystemslimited-1040093

121 System is a point of sale and sales force automation suite catered to insurance advisors

121 System automates and streamlines the entire sales process, with defined workflows and business rules that ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

By streamlining the sales process, reducing customer data re-entry and validating data entered in applications, 121 System greatly enhances the customer experience and reduces the turnaround time for policy issuance. It supports unlimited levels of hierarchy and operates on multiple platforms including the web and mobile devices. Whether advisors are online or offline, automatic two-way synchronization enables them to access up-to-date information and perform critical business tasks. 121 System can be integrated with any underwriting and back-office system for policy issuance. The solution can be deployed in container platform in which the stability, scalability, and reliability of such environments enhance the robustness of the 121 System.

With our advanced and user-friendly Configurators, launching new insurance products through our point of sale system is simple, while cloning allows products with similar features to be introduced even quicker. Designing and creating electronic forms and templates is equally simple. This dramatically reduces IT support and maintenance costs,
allowing you to capture market opportunities and respond promptly to regulatory changes.

With 121 System’s admin function, it supports configuration of the system, management of your distribution channels, control access, set permissions and monitor usage.

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