Wolters Kluwer EmmiGuide™

by Wolters Kluwer Health

Wolters Kluwer EmmiGuide™ helps payers empower members take a more active role in their own health

Emmi® interactive engagement solutions from Wolters Kluwer help payers empower members to take a more active role in their own health. For care management teams, Wolters Kluwer provides trusted, tech-enabled, content solutions that expand their reach, Emmi, and help build confidence and trust with members.


Over 650 videos and tracked, interactive multimedia programs—at an accessible level and in multiple languages (all in English & Spanish, a subset in up to 8 languages)
Extensive collection of over 8,500 educational leaflets in up to 20 languages
Integration into the care management platform with analytics to monitor utilization and allow for targeted follow up
Self-directed member access to educational programs via out-of-the-box website or ability to tailor content into the payer’s site


Optimize care management efforts and better reach members at scale
Smart outreach campaigns via IVR and digital delivery, helping to close gaps in care

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