by emnicon AG

Customize banking to the behavior of your customers.

Your benefits from the process center

Create processes without having to take legacy systems into account. Accept market challenges without having to accept disadvantages in terms of security. Benefit from the advantages of partners and improve your own processes with these third-party services such as FinTechs.

Core banking system vs. customer processes in the process center

Many banks find it difficult to modernise their core banking systems. Regulatory systems and diverse requirements leave hardly any room for manoeuvre to advance the solutions in the interests of your end customers. In addition, there is often the question of whether a process change will pay off to the extent planned.
The Process Center enables you to react quickly to market requirements - without having to initiate large projects in the core banking process. The Process Center prepares the data and delivers it structured for your APIs. Alternatively, the data can be further processed via RPA.
In this way, you receive a cost-effective proof-of-concept and a template for implementing the requirement in the core banking procedure, if you wish.

Decide on the basis of the business requirements. Not on the basis of technological limitations.

Open for FinTechs

Use the opportunity to establish new partnerships and grow. Concentrate on your business goals. The Processcenter provides you with room for ideas and creates a connection to your partners


Conforming to data protection

In addition to the "technical and organizational measures" (TOM), we also provide you with our contribution to the IT security concept. In addition, you have the choice of where your data is stored and processed.

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