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Improve the digital competences on Microsoft 365 of your organization thought gamification

What is Teams Champ?

TeamChamps is a SaaS product, that integrates securely within your Microsoft Teams application and Web app.

Its objective is to boost the required skills and competencies for the digital transformation of the company through the gamified use of Office 365 and other tools.

TeamsChamp accesses aggregated metrics from each use's use of the different Microsoft 365 tools.

It does not access to the messages or the contents, TeamsChamp accesses the sum value of the variables provided by the Office Graph API, adding interaction values and expressed wills through TeamsChamp itself.

The calculation formula of each digital skill are the weighted sum of the processed metrics, such as:

  • Number of shared documents on OneDrive
  • Open Teams chats
  • Published posts on Yammer
  • Viewed documents in SharePoint
  • and more...

Depending on the skills to boost, the metrics are considered to affect communication or digital operation more


  • Make your investment in Office 365 even more profitable
  • Improve the communication and collaboration of the organization
  • Make each user aware of their good use of O365 and encourage them to improve it
  • Discover hidden talent among regular members of the leaderboards

Microsoft 365 products used in the solution: Yammer | Microsoft Teams | SharePoint Online | OneDrive | Exchange | Skype | OneNote