Enghouse Teams Contact Center CommunicationsCenter

by Enghouse Interactive

Boost your Team’s performance with a natively integrated Enghouse and Microsoft Teams contact center

Whether you’re looking for a contact center or a console solution for your front of house, Enghouse Interactive can offer you an integrated Microsoft Teams contact center solution that allows your critical frontline staff to collaborate seamlessly with the rest of the organization.

The Teams integrated contact center client allows visibility of the agents and queues including an extensive range of KPIs.  You’ll be able to monitor your center so you can make timely data-driven decisions.  

Combined with a deep integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and with skills-based routing on all media types, you can use your Dynamics customer data to identify and connect customers to the best agent, improving first call resolution and customer satisfaction.

You will boost your Team’s productivity with a natively integrated Enghouse and Microsoft Teams embedded contact center showing Presence of all Teams users in your business on the agents software, opening your entire business to your customer.

With Enghouse you can meet any industry compliance requirement using native Teams compliance recording with secure and scalable call recording, archiving, and evaluation of communications.

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