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KYC Automation & Digitization

Ernst & Young LLP

A solution which can extract useful information from scanned document images

A configurable solution which can extract useful information from scanned document images like proof of identity documents, contracts, invoices, purchase orders, forms, etc. Key Benefits: - Faster turn-around-time from hours to minutes - Highly scalable process, can handle rapid increase in volume easily - Offers analytic insights due to availability of structured data - Improved customer satisfaction through faster execution - Reduced risk by automated and standardized process Features of the solution: This solution is a digital, agile, scalable, secure and low-cost platform with following attributes: - Cognitive capture from scanned images - Support for multiple document formats and languages - Easy configuration and customization - Version control capability - Available as a pay-per-use application program interface (API) (on-premise/on-cloud) - Pre-built modules for faster value realization - Analytics dashboard for business insights Value Proposition: - Approx. 5,000 documents per year were processed through InDEx - Saved legal staff’s time by 60 hours (approx.) in a month - Fully on-premise solution with low cost of running - Human-like accuracy delivered This solution is for differernt Sectors, Auto, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Consumer, Health & Products, Financial, Banking and Capital Market, Government & Technology and Media & Entertainment. The business audience is Csuites people, CIO, CEO, CFO etc.