Green Circle

eSense Software

Cyber Security Engine

A complete, intelligent, cost-effective and flexible cyber security solution that is highly customizable to fit your business. It will give you the ability to defend against modern cyberthreats by providing a comprehensive and end to end protection solution which will allow you to be in control of risk. Service includes prevention, detection, response, monitoring, assessment, training, support & compliance in addition to being proactive with intelligent managed defense, all comes in simple and affordable plans that empowers organizations to be aware and work securely.

Green Circle built using AlienVault OSSIM, with deep integration with Microsoft Windows and Infrastructure Services, Green Circle provides advanced insights of network security health and status, it can dive deep into infrastructure services and windows machines and gather security health information.

Green Circle allows customers to detect security issues quickly and effectively eliminate threats before they become serious, with advanced dashboards that provides quick insights of the overall health of the infrastructure, Green Circle is a must product for anyone serious about security.

Green Circle is suitable for any organization size, security is important to everyone!

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