CFOUR Comply - ESEF Reporting Solution

by Eunoia Ltd

Are you a listed company in EU or UK looking for a hassle-free ESEF and CSRD reporting solution?

ESEF compliant XBRL reporting can be a hassle-free process with CFOUR Comply!

CFOUR Comply is a cloud-based solution that simplifies compliance reporting through collaboration, transparency and innovation. A simplified process is instilled in Comply that you as the issuer need to follow to generate an ESEF submission which is ready to be published to your OAM (Officially Appointed Mechanism) as well as your website.
With CFOUR Comply, easily convert your annual reports from PDF to HTML and tag financial statements using our user-friendly interface. Our software not only automates the tagging process but also validates your data, generating XBRL files for hassle-free submissions. Designed for minimal workflow, CFOUR Comply helps companies achieve quick, compliant XBRL filings while significantly reducing time and cost.

Key Features

  • Generation of compliant reports in XBRL and iXBRL format
  • To-the-dot conversion of your annual reports from PDF to XHTML
  • Tagging of financial statements with XBRL concepts of the ESEF or UKSEF taxonomy
  • Validation of tagging based on the ESEF/UKSEF taxonomy ruleset
  • Taxonomy extension to cater for your entity specific disclosures
  • Special permissions for auditors to review the tagging
  • Collaborative environment supporting multiple users
  • Roll-forward report tags from a previous year's submission
  • Single sign-on
  • Powered by Fujitsu Software Interstage XWand - the market leading XBRL engine

Key Benefits

  • No more time wasting. A streamlined approach helps you generate XBRL fillings in just a few minutes.
  • Convert your professionally designed annual financial reports to iXBRL without loosing the design elements.
  • You do not have to worry about changes in taxonomies or regulatory changes. We always ensure that the solution is compliant to the latest ESEF/ESMA mandates.
  • Collaborate with your team to ensure a successful ESEF compliance process

About Eunoia Limited

Eunoia is a focused data analytics company which provides industry focused business intelligence solutions. As a cloud first company, we build solutions that deliver scale and speed, ensuring optimal ROI through highly engineered orchestration. The cloud technologies that we use give us the flexibility to deliver these solutions putting us in a position to deliver insights at the right time, to the right people helping our customers take decisions faster and supported by facts and figures.

Simplify compliance reporting within your organization and become ESEF and CSRD compliant. Please click on Get It Now button and start using CFOUR Comply.

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