Everstell Profitability Solution

by Everstell

Profitability Analytics and Cost Allocations

Everstell's platform streamlines complex cost allocations across multiple dimensions to deliver a comprehensive profitability solution. Everstell enables management reporting and dashboards empowering CFOs with strategic decision-making.

Everstell is a cloud-based profitability solution aiming to provide enhanced financial performance through cost management principles. Our solution enables standardized and be-spoke cost attribution across multiple dimensions. The cost pools, activities, drivers and dimensions can be easily customized to align to your firm’s unique operating model.


  • Multi-Dimensional (by fund, strategy, product, investor, etc.,)

  • Support Investment Management Strategies

  • Drill Down and Root Cause Analysis

  • Increased Productivity & Efficiency

  • Transparency, Accuracy, & Compliance

  • Cost Reduction Strategies

  • Calculate Return on Investments

  • Rapid Analytics and Detailed Reporting

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