Eviden Connected Consumer Products Suite

by Eviden International France - SAS

Reducing operational and maintenance costs while creating new revenue & digital consumer engagement.

Our offering helps retailers, consumer packaged goods companies and home appliance manufacturers to optimize the operational efficiency, increase revenue & sales force productivity, enhance their consumer intimacy, and improve the consumer experience.
Today, many of our customers’ assets, such as coffee and vending machines, coolers and freezers, shelves and cabinets, as well as home appliances are stand-alone with no internet connectivity whatsoever. As a result our customers - mainly retailers, consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies and home appliance manufacturers – face one or more of the following challenges
  • Limited visibility on asset performance
  • Only cash accepted
  • Out-of-stock situations
  • Manual order and replenishment tasks
  • High maintenance costs for their assets
  • Product Quality Issues
  • Non-compliance of planogram
  • Asset theft and misuse / Vandalism
  • Poor consumer experience while using the asset
  • Limited ways to engage with their consumers
The Eviden Connected Consumer Products Suite is a universal solution for connecting a fleet of consumer products. It enables our customers to efficiently manage their product/asset fleet, including sales reporting and analytics, planogram compliance, optimizing stock replenishment, real-time asset health monitoring and alerting, predictive maintenance, workflow management, etc.
It also helps to enhance the consumer experience using smart apps and/or voice assistants for self-service checkout including multiple cashless payment options, over-the air recipe updates, automated ingredients recognition and ordering, as well as innovative 3rd-party applications provided through a partner ecosystem.
Moreover, it supports our customers in enhancing the intimacy to their consumers. New digital engagement channels, such as proximity marketing including real-time contextual promotions, loyalty programs, etc. provide valuable consumer and market insights along the consumer journey.
As a result, our customers will experience the following benefits
  • Optimize operational efficiency – helping our customers boost productivity, lower costs, and enable continuous operation.
  • Optimized management and preventive maintenance of assets.
  • Increase sales force productivity through automated planogram compliance checks and optimized stock and order management.
  • Increase revenue through optimized asset placement and timely replenishment.
  • Create additional revenue leveraging new digital engagement channels.
  • Real-time business insights into operational and business KPIs.
  • Enhance consumer experience using smart apps and/or voice assistants.
  • Increase consumer intimacy and gather valuable insights in consumption behavior.
  • Ensure consistent product quality.
  • Connectivity to customer’s ERP systems enabling process automation (e.g., intelligent real-time stock and order management)
  • Connectivity to partner ecosystem enabling 3rd-party innovations.

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