Advanced Market Execution Platform (amep) by Eviden

by Eviden International France - SAS

AMEP covering the field sales & service processes with multi-role capabilities.

Eviden has launched a new Advanced Market Execution Platform (AMEP) based on Azure and specifically designed for field sales and service processes. The platform offers multi-role capabilities, providing versatile roles to enhance customer experience and ensure future scalability. With its novel design and Microsoft Azure hosting, the AMEP promises to deliver an exceptional user experience.

How It Operates: This system enhances service quality and customer interaction time by automating and digitizing labor-intensive and error-prone manual tasks.

Advanced Market Execution Management: The platform encompasses all aspects of Advanced Market Execution Management processes, spanning planning, execution, monitoring, and reporting.

Real-Time Object Recognition: Eviden presents a cutting-edge Real-Time On-Device Object Recognition Engine for merchandising and in-store execution monitoring.

Challenges and Achievements: AMEP tackles challenges such as error-prone manual processes and limited customer engagement, resulting in enhanced efficiency and reduced paperwork.

Microsoft's Contribution: AMEP leverages Microsoft Azure technology, providing robust management tools, user authentication, AI capabilities, and scalability.

Customer Success: Eviden has established strong partnerships with industry leaders like SAP and Microsoft, resulting in a state-of-the-art Sales Force Automation solution.

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