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Legal & Operations Management Platform


All-in-one with: eDiscovery, Project Management, Collaboration & Business Intelligence

Expede is the only eDiscovery & Management solution of its kind to be Certified by Microsoft that fully integrates with your company & your Clients AD accounts.

With Expede's 'all-in-one' unified Legal & Operations Management software, you can grow your mid to large company with a leap in productivity, efficiency & collaboration, while getting deep strategic insight into your business.
Expede's approach drives this through 4 integrated solutions:


High speed & fully automated eDiscovery that goes far beyond just OCR to intelligently read content including scanned PDF.

Project Management

A refined Project Management solution that focuses on team tasks, deliverables & management excellence.


Straightforward collaboration that keeps your teamfocused across departments, offices, contractors & clients.

Analytics & BI

As Expede captures all information & activity including what was done & how it was done, gain access to levels of business insight not previously available. Use to develop strategy & create competitive advantage.
Expede now includes Office Online fully integrated in the application, so you can improve security, efficiency, information control while also getting deep insight into how your company creates value.

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