Extract handwritten text from various forms

by Exponentia DataLab

Extracts handwritten information from customer on-boarding forms or similar documents

1. App processes both machine printed and handwritten forms (ex. Customer account opening form). 
2. App extracts hand printed fields (like name, dateofbirth, account no etc) from the form.

Value Proposition:
1. App pre-processes forms for noise reduction (watermark removal).
2. Fields to be extracted are fully configurable on the basis of field location on the form.
3. side-by-side comparison of extracted information and picture snippet of original form field is given in output file for human validation.
4. App has some basic validation built such as numeric field, date field, name field.
5. App can also be invoked by sending the input form in an email and the extracted information is sent back to the requester in email in near-real time basis. Any RPA tool (such as PowerAutomate) can be used for this workflow management.

At a glance