EY Global Tax E-invoicing Solution (GTES)

by EY Global

Transforming the global E-invoicing and E-reporting landscape

Solution overview
•In recent years, the tax landscape has undergone a substantial transformation to include the introduction of new taxes as well as steps to further digitize the tax administration.
•EY GTES is a secure, standardized way for businesses to digitally exchange tax compliant e-invoices directly via service providers and/or a platform with the tax authority for the purpose of reporting business transactions on a real-time basis. Unlike paper or PDF invoices, e-Invoices don’t need to be printed or posted.
•The tool can extract, convert, test, transmit and store e-invoicing data and can seamlessly integrate with the VAT return preparation process of EY teams to deliver a broad approach to VAT compliance.

Solution benefits:
•Leverages time-tested experience: Similar EY solutions with e-invoicing capability have been deployed across the globe and are being widely tested in mature jurisdictions with established e-invoicing systems.
•Provides a customized solution for your business: EY teams will formulate a customized and practical approach based on your needs, including integration with your ERP and billing environments.
•Supports innovation without disrupting existing systems: EY GTES is a non-disruptive tool, which is easy to deploy and keeps costs in check.
Hosts and processes data locally: EY GTES is hosted on servers located in the local country, and data is not transmitted elsewhere when being processed

At a glance