by FabSoft

Intelligent Document Capture for Desktop Document Transactions

Improve Workflow:
Change how your company sends documents to Microsoft and other products such as OneDrive, SharePoint, and Power Apps from the user’s desktop. In minutes, you can automate the capture and distribution of all your documents to the cloud or on-premises solutions. FabSoft’s Desk Connect includes easy built-in technologies to capture documents through the use of print drivers, folders, browsers, drag & drop, and email systems.

What to look for?
For recurring document types, such as medical, insurance, business forms, etc., where the information changes and the format stays basically the same, this Desk Connect product will capture the variable information and send the documents to the proper destination. Documents are placed automatically in the other system with all the important information from the document used for filling in the column names, file names, document library, and folder locations. With this product, organizations can define and deploy documents easily themselves.

Typical Inefficiencies:
Today it is typically a five-step process for a user to submit documents to SharePoint or other destinations from a file or print job. The user must print to the Windows PDF printer, name and save the file to a folder, find the file, drag the document into SharePoint, and manually enter the document information. This process takes too many steps, and the document may be lost forever if there is a typo. Now it is easy with Desk Connect.

Where to install Desk Connect:
Desk Connect gets installed directly on the workstation and is ready to use in minutes. No other requirements are needed. No servers or clouds are needed. All the technology is installed directly on the workstation.


  • Four capture options: print drivers, folders, browsers, drag & drop, and email systems.
  • Two different data extraction technologies, electronic vector and rasterized image formats (scanned documents). Learn more about these two different types
  • Includes commercial-grade ocr engine.
  • Includes ML (Machine Learning) that will continue to improve the extracted information. Learn more.
  • Includes AL (Artificial Intelligence) to help speed up the workflow creation process.
  • Includes connections to popular workflow platforms.
  • Includes connectors for Microsoft PowerApps and that will allow thousands of 3rd party integrations.
  • Includes advanced security throughout the product for document encryption and connectivity.
  • Includes optional cloud portal to control software on the workstations remotely.
  • Includes barcode reader to extract common barcodes.
  • Includes an API for advanced user interfaces and integrations.

About FabSoft:
FabSoft has been in the document capture business for over 30 years, helping our clients automate their workflows. FabSoft products include the right components to get the most challenging jobs done quickly. Because FabSoft has developed our products internally, our prices are far below our competitors.

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