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Fathym Ground Truth Road Weather Forecast

Fathym Inc.

Fathym’s Ground Truth Forecast: hyper-local, highly-accurate ground weather conditions + routes

Fathym’s Ground Truth Forecast offers hyper-local, highly-accurate ground weather conditions and routes. The Forecast offers a whole new data set that companies can use for actionable, real-time weather conditions.

Unlike traditional weather forecasts, the Ground Truth forecast is focused on the weather from 50’ to the ground and is available for any point or route on the globe. The forecast is created from a network of observational road weather sensors, atmospheric weather models and machine learning algorithms.

The following are available via easily accessible API:

  • Points - Hyper-local insights into current and forecasted road/ground conditions, pavement temperatures and precipitation states at a geo-location (point)-level granularity neighborhood-level granularity
  • Routes - Route-specific road condition forecasts for any user-specified routes on the globe, fully integrated with existing mapping or route optimization tools
  • Tiled Imagery - tiled images are available at different zoom levels, from global, regional to neighborhood
Value-Add Data Variable Forecasts - Value-added forecasts that address specific roadway and route-specific risks, including crosswinds, delay probability, slick roads, flash floods, low visibility, hydroplane risk, estimated wheel slip + more