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Tackle ideas, problems and daily work with a systematic process for co-organization and leadership.

Fingertip – the best leadership app for Microsoft Teams

Fingertip is a new business workspace in Microsoft Teams that provides decision making, objectives setting, meetings management, business planning, and more. 

Fingertip is the system of record for organizational leadership. It is the just-in-time digital solution for facilitating decision making, objective-oriented productivity and value-creating collaboration - manifesting in an intuitive business leadership system built for the Microsoft Teams platform.

For an individual knowledge worker, Fingertip offers structure in the short and long term, as well as a bird's eye view to their nearby colleagues' workflows. It gives confidence to start and finish creative project work at any level of the organization. 

With Fingertip’s Microsoft Teams App, your communication isn’t just empty talk, but creates true accountability and movement. You can plan your meetings and calls more efficiently, and create action points directly in social decisions and tasks. It’s all saved for later to refer to – even years later.

Lead with transparency

Radically increase organizational visibility and help team members finish their work faster. Fingertip is built for self-organized teams, whose communication and knowledge sharing can't slow down due to at individual sick leave or reporting cadence. 

Make better decisions

Our innovative decision life cycle helps your organization make better decisions every day - together. The collaborative nature of Fingertip's decision making process helps avoid pitfalls, get buy-in faster, and make decisions asynchronously - anywhere, anytime.

Execute, measure and learn

Set objectives, create tasks, follow your progress and reflect on it to improve over time. Fingertip is a toolkit for agile teamwork and collaboration, that helps you reach your important business goals.

Organize meetings with impact

Co-organize meetings by collaborating in agenda creation, create tangible documentation, and help people orientate towards upcoming meetings with transparently shared documentation and discussion. Fingertip ensures all meetings become collaborative and productive, and ties meetings to accountable follow-up.

Looking for a custom solution and price? Book a meeting with us and let's tailor a custom Fingertip plan just for you!

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