Fingertip Decision Matrix

by Fingertip Ltd

Make better decisions together with your team using Fingertip’s Decision Matrix.

Many modern organizations are still lead with the methods of the past century. Fingertip has been developed for all organizations to implement new and better leadership practices in their daily operations.

Fingertip Decision Matrix helps you to decide between several alternatives when you need to take many different factors into account. It brings more clarity and transparency into the process and helps you to prioritize your alternatives while reducing the impact of biases. With the Decision Matrix by Fingertip, you can collaborate to make decisions more accurately together, using Microsoft Teams.

Decision matrix is a table that uses your alternatives and the weighted criteria for helping you decide. The goal is to calculate a score for each alternative based on their evaluation against predefined criteria. The matrix will allow tailored criteria and their weighting for each use case, and rank the alternatives based on their total score across all evaluations.

Fingertip’s Decision Matrix is unique in the way it creates a collaborative and transparent dimension to the evaluation process. With Fingertip you can invite people with opinion on the decision, people affected by the decision, or for example people with particular expertise on the decision being made.

Benefits of Fingertip Decision Matrix:
- Start new decision making processes in seconds and invite people to participate
- Remove bias and make up to three time higher quality decisions by considering multiple alternatives and criteria
- Get earlier buy-in and ownership when engaging them in the decision making processes earlier, and succeed in more decisions
- Reduce decision making costs by reaching a consensus earlier, and reducing time spent waiting or in meetings

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