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Empower your accounting team, treasury or CFO with FinqTreasury for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Are you a finance manager looking to save time and money on your daily operational tasks?

If you are looking to reduce the workload of your teams in doing manual tasks, in the number of file uploads and downloads, manual reports and impact of human errors, while increasing data security, then Finqware can help

For holdings and groups of companies that want to centralise & control their cash management and automate their accounting reconciliations, FinqTreasury is a cash management platform that brings real time, structured data from all your partner banks.

Why choose FinqTreasury?
Unlike other bank connectivity methods, FinqTreasury doesn’t require setting and maintaining technical infrastructure and agreements with each and every bank for obtaining statement files. It also doesn't require batch messaging with each and every bank. With FinqTreasury, your company's bank users will no longer need to visit every bank's online app to get their balances and daily transactions.

Connect and aggregate all your business bank accounts

Finqware platform connects to all the banks you are working with through open APIs and fetches balances and transactions data on demand for your treasury and accounting purposes. Data is aggregated in a single place, in a single format and structured to fit your internal systems and databases.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance integration

Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance modules will get a real time banking feed for all the banks where you collect your customers' payments or order your suppliers' payouts. Thus, your AR and AP processes will be easily kept updated, eliminating the burden of manual work on collecting transactions data and importing it into your database. No more bank files and no more finance experts involved in manual work!

Key benefits
What are your benefits in terms of productivity and data security?
1. Eliminate the workload of manual data collection from banks
2. Leverage existing infrastructure and cloud based platforms, as SaaS
3. Eliminate the effort of bank connectivity maintenance
4. Eliminate human intervention on banking data
5. Simplify access maintenance, utilising the existing Dynamics 365 permissions and authorisations

Geographical coverage
FinqTreasury is already connected to main banks in Romania and Croatia. By the end of 2022, the list of connected banks will extend to Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Austria and Greece.
The list of connected banks includes large regional banking groups such as: Raiffeisen, Erste Group, Unicredit, Citibank, ING Bank, Intesa Sanpaolo, OTP Group, Societe Generale etc.

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