Fiscal Info TV Solution

by Fiscal Oy

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Fiscal Info TV is a breeze for IT

Bringing a new solution into your infrastructure can be stressful. We feel you. That’s why the Fiscal Info TV digital signage solution is secure, functional and affordable with transparent and predictable pricing. Here are some key points.


You keep having full control of your own IT infrastructure. No external access to incoming ports.
The Fiscal Info TV solution is information secure, because the system’s programs only accept connections from each other.
The use of the software always requires a password and the data transfer in the software is encrypted.


Works on all screens/displays with HDMI. Can be used on existing screens.
The only system requirement is a computer with a Windows operating system.
Each screen on the system is controlled by a Windows computer, on which the Fiscal Info TV Solution -software will be installed.


Simple pricing. You only pay the license fee per viewer (computer). No user or server fees.

Easy deployment with Azure Marketplace

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