Fiscal Info TV Solution

by Fiscal Oy

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Struggling to communicate with old-fashioned digital signage methods?

Step into the future with Fiscal Info TV.

Providing real-time information to your company's employees, regardless of their location, can be difficult.
Informing visitors can be a constant struggle, and wouldn't be nice to also offer some benefits to customers?

Well, there's a better way to communicate that makes your daily work easier.

With the help of the Fiscal Info TV solution, information flow and general enjoyment inside your company - as well as marketing to your customers in public spaces - are made easier by presenting numbers, advertisements, bulletins, goals, sales figures, -and other information on various screens installed on your company's premises.

Why choose Fiscal Info TV Solution:
    • Honestly easy-to-use system
    • With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can get the material you want on the screen you want
    • No need to learn a new editing program once again - use your organizations existing brand material
    • Support for 50 different file formats - including material made with Microsoft 365 applications for example
    • Management is done with a cloud-based browser interface
    • The system itself does not create or modify existing material
    • Developed in cooperation with our customers
    • Each screen on the system is controlled by a Windows computer, on which the Fiscal Info TV solution -software will be installed.

How our customers benefit from Fiscal Info TV Solution:
    • The communication of the twenty main and branch offices of a medium-sized company is managed with the help of Fiscal Info TV Solution. The system is used for both internal and external communication.
      The update of the entire system is managed regionally from the head office, in addition to which branch offices have the opportunity to update local material on the screens under their own control. In addition to the basic material, the displays show figures on the electricity output of the company's solar panels.
    • A global group has managed its internal communication with the help of Fiscal Info TV Solution. Our customized solution significantly increased the flow of work by facilitating the monitoring of production. Data from 16 different production lines, updated in real time, were displayed on display units.
    • Improving productivity by informing about the factory's production issues and changes to different parts of the extensive factory area.
    • The screens in the customer areas of the police station show e.g. answers to frequently asked questions and thus save employees' time for serving customers (external communication)
    • Improving the smoothness of internal communication and employees' work comfort of a major city's transport department

Examples of types of customers that use the Fiscal Info TV solution:
    • Companies where employees are distributed and where you want to be able to inform all employees effectively and in real time
    • Educational institutions where important information can be conveyed to students and teachers
    • Companies that want to advertise their products and services to their customers

How to get started:

    1. You can try our software 30 days for free by clicking the Get It Now button above.
    2. The next step is to sign in and choose the right pricing plan for you.
    3. After you have completed the order, you will receive user IDs and instructions from us by e-mail and we will help you with the installation and use of the software.

Please note that customers acquires the hardware themselves and take care of installing the display units as they wish. The only system requirement is a computer with a Windows operating system. The hardware and installing the display units in place are NOT included in the offer.

We are with you every step of the way: Fiscal helps with software installation remotely, using TeamViewer, and maintains 24/7 support regarding the use of the Fiscal Info TV system.

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