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FanTail - Interactive sunburst reflecting data hierarchies, relationships and relative values.

As the business world becomes increasingly focused on driving sales and profits, every tool that encompasses the added visualisation of displaying data plays a significant role in enhancing your presentations and reports. Ready to go into your board reports and dashboards with beautiful fonts, colors and design. Saves time, looks fabulous. The FanTail paints a full picture of the multiple layers of data among the hierarchical groups. The dynamic and enticing drill down encourages interaction and investigation of your data from all levels of leadership. The rings in the chart are divided based on their hierarchical relationship to the parent node. Each ring can have multiple segments; each segment showing the contribution of a particular dimension in that hierarchy. Focusing on a segment in the ring gives a sense of the part to the whole relationship of this dimension with respect to its parent ring segment. The slices in a sunburst chart are colored to highlight hierarchy or category. The more we go down the hierarchical levels (creating/plotting new levels in the chart), the more space we get. Great scenarios to use the FanTail 1. Sales Data visualising as a whole the breakdown of sales (corresponding to sector width) and call success rate (corresponding to sector color) by state, region and salesperson level. With the fantail you can see the best and worst regions, while still being able to see the regional and salesperson contribution at a glance. 2. Outlining the landing and navigation paths of a website 3. Visualising file size of different modules in a software package 4. Understanding the revenue sources of a business 5. World population broken down into a particular continent, country, region, state, city, town 6. Salary expenses of employees across departments in an organisation Our FanTail features: Displays hierarchical data structures. A space-filling visualization that uses a radial layout Visualises multi-levels of your data. Smooth and stunning drill down with a simple click on any level Consists of an inner circle surrounded by rings of deeper hierarchy levels. The angle of each segment is either proportional to a value or divided equally under its parent node. Reflects the relationship between multiple levels of content. Each sector has the same value of the color column for all its children, then the corresponding color is used, The data values, determining the sector width. Why use our FanTail: Visually stimulates more relative thinking. Very effective to showcase how one ring is broken into its contributing pieces (i.e, sequential segments). Connects the content of all aspects and levels into a whole, gives us chance to overlook things. When you want to visualize hierarchical data structures and highlight the hierarchy through concentric rings To identifying deeper hierarchy levels and understanding lineage. Easy to understand and visualize the data. Uses space much better than linear chart tools The radial orientation of the FanTail utilises space more efficiently compared to the linear (horizontal or vertical) hierarchical visualization. All elements on the same level are regarded equally important, eliminating the dichotomy between the elements on the periphery and center. Is intuitive in nature.

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