Fluid Eye® - Lubricants Emission Simulation

by Fluid Intelligence Oy

Minimize industrial lubricants emissions with Fluid Eye® Emission Simulation and Optimization.

Industrial decarbonization begins with Fluid Management to minimize waste and costs while maintaining maximum reliability. Fluid Eye® enables industrial lubricants current CO2 emissions footprint visualization and easy modeling of the carbon reduction scenarios.

Tangible benefits for several heavy industry and logistics professionals

    • COO’s and Business Unit Leads
    • Key Account Managers
    • Factory and Fleet Managers
    • Operations, Maintenance, and After Market Leads
    • Sustainability Managers

See fluid lifetime emissions & Net Zero potential

The service visualizes lubricants current CO2 emissions, operational variables impact to Net Zero potential and provides ideas for optimization. With Fluid Eye® you can compare e.g. the following variables impacts to CO2 emissions:

    • Oil drain intervals
    • Various oil formulations
    • Chemical enhancers & additives
    • Filtration
    • Oil Waste vs Oil Regeneration

Find best emission optimization strategies

Fluid Eye® generates data of the factors contributing to CO2 emissions, how to reduce them, and report results that support compliance requirements. With these insights you can find best combination of optimization actions that support your operations and maintenance strategies while minimizes CO2 emissions.

Optimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

With holistic visibility to current emissions, optimization potential, and needed actions it’s easy to pick optimal set of activities that minimize Total cost of Ownership (TCO). Proactive operations and maintenance actions lead to maximized reliability, minimized CO2, and TCO.

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