Footprints AI for Fashion

by Footprints for Retail

All-In-One retail media platform to capitalize on the physical shopping behavior data & AI

Introducing Footprints AI - A Revolutionary Solution for the Fashion Retail Industry

The fashion industry is constantly evolving, and retailers must stay ahead of the game to remain competitive. With the rise of e-commerce and changing customer behavior, retailers face significant challenges in creating personalized shopping experiences and driving customer loyalty. Footprints AI can help fashion retailers overcome these challenges by leveraging customer behavioral data from physical stores.

Market Insights:

The fashion retail industry has been experiencing a significant shift towards digitalization and e-commerce. With the growing trend of online shopping, retailers need to capitalize on their physical retail traffic to remain competitive. Footprints AI offers an excellent opportunity for fashion retailers to tap into this market and create personalized shopping experiences.


One of the biggest challenges for fashion retailers is knowing their customers beyond transactions and in-app registrations. They need to understand their customers' shopping habits, preferences, and behavior to create personalized shopping experiences and drive customer loyalty.

How Footprints AI can help:

Footprints AI collects customer behavior data from physical stores using indoor positioning, predictive models, and omnichannel targeting. The collected data is processed using machine learning algorithms to create behavioral clusters and predictions for individual shoppers. Footprints AI's proprietary AI technology combines offline and online customer data to create a comprehensive view of customer behavior. This means that fashion retailers can know who all their customers are beyond those that register their data into apps and loyalty programs.

Footprints AI can also help fashion retailers generate a new revenue stream from retail media. By using customer behavior data to create predictive media audiences, fashion retailers can significantly improve their current retail media offerings. This can result in a 5-8x better retail media performance of their own media investment. Footprints AI can also help fashion retailers expand their retail by discovering their next most profitable geographies and communities to engage.

Moreover, Footprints AI can provide valuable insights into consumer shopping habits and their marketing channels of most engagement, which fashion retailers can use to increase efficiency and return on ad spend on their media investments. This can translate into improved customer acquisition costs and increased in-store sales with short-term ROAS results.

By partnering with Footprints AI, fashion retailers can leverage their IT infrastructure to create new revenue streams and drive growth. Footprints AI can help retailers tap into the high-profit revenues of the Retail Media market and allow for a less than 3-month launch of the Retail Media Network. This can accelerate their market share acquisition and turn IT infrastructure from a cost-driver into a revenue-driver.

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