FTX BIZ - Business Analytics Accelerators

by Fortude (Pvt) Ltd

Get started quickly with insights about what matters most to your business performance.

FTX Biz are pre-built dashboards that can quickly draw from a variety of data sources. Gain actionable insights from proven industry measures and KPIs across Finance and Sales, with upcoming areas including Supply Chain, Distribution, Inventory and Market Analytics.

What can FTX BIZ do for you?
• Reduce time spent collating data and preparing reports
• Easily drill-down into the details of your data
• See new perspectives of business performance
• Drive decision making to be more data-based

How does it do this?
• Key business elements are brought into focus
• New perspectives are presented through beautiful, high impact visualizations.
• Data is drawn from a variety of data sources - from Tier 1 ERPs to Excel sheets.
• Value is delivered quickly with an optimized quick-setup approach

At a glance